Saturday, March 7, 2015

Milo | 12 Months

WELL. HERE IT IS. Milo's very last monthly update. Once again, I apologize for the quality of the pictures but I had approximately 2 seconds between me positioning him and him rolling away with which to snap the picture, and that results in some slightly out of focused, blurry pictures. But I do what I can.

At one year old, Milo is a few ounces shy of 24 lbs. He's 32 inches tall and he still has a tiny head. He wears size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes fit him just perfectly. He has giant feet and giant hands. It can be a struggle to fit his hands through the arm holes sometimes.

Pretty sure I've written it in every. single. blog post. but seriously his current stage is MY FAVORITE. I am obsessed with him right now. He's more and more toddler every day but he can't walk yet, so I still feel like he's my baby. He's starting to understand speech and get such a deeper understanding of language lately, it seems. At the beginning of the month I taught him to say "GO!" and now he says it whenever we're going anywhere. In the car, the shopping cart, stroller, just crawling around and pushing his truck. He switches between "doh" and "go" but the sentiment is the same and it's adorable. He's also said "buh bye" a couple times and waved. He is very stingy with waving. Most of the time if you ask him to say bye or wave he'll just stare at you like you're an idiot. He does give out high fives pretty liberally, however.

He crawls like a champion and climbs up on e v e r y t h i n g. He's able to get pretty much everywhere he wants which I think is a big reason he hasn't explored walking too much yet. He's totally content with crawling. He has started standing up a lot on his own and not using the furniture as much when he's standing. The past week we've gotten him to take a couple steps on his own but he'll either fall down or chicken out and sit down and resume crawling. He's close though! I think within the next month we'll have a walker.

Milo has learned how to open doors and cabinets and drawers. He loves taking his toys and putting them in drawers, then taking them out again. Over and over again. He also loves playing peek a boo. He'll hide behind or under something and then pop out when we say PEEKABOO. He thinks it's just hilarious. His favorite toys lately have been trucks. He's got 3 of them now (thank you birthday!) and he is totally content to push them around the house. He takes them everywhere he goes, to bed, to the bath, outside... He always wants a truck in his hand. He even buzzes his lips as he pushes them around and will occasionally make a noise that sounds like "Ohhh yeahhhhhh" He looooves his trucks.

As far as food goes, he pretty much just wants to eat whatever mom and dad are eating. We can still get him to eat the pureed stuff, but only if there isn't "real food" around. If we're eating real food and he's eating pureed peas, he gets extremely offended. So mostly now we're just feeding him off our plates and cutting up whatever we're having. His favorites are chicken nuggets and mac and cheese, or really any kind of pasta. He also loves drinking grape juice from his sippy cup.

Speaking of food, a couple weeks ago he broke out in hives all over his body. He also had some mild eczema for about a week prior. We took him in to get some testing done and found out that he has a mild peanut allergy. The ped said he'll likely outgrow it and it won't be an issue later on, but for now we should avoid peanuts and peanut products. We hadn't really fed him much, but I had given him bites of my peanut butter toast before and he once snuck an entire Reese's cup when I wasn't paying attention. His eczema has totally cleared up since then so I'm happy we figured out what the problem was before it could get any worse.

Milo has 6 teeth now and 2 are verrrrry close to breaking through. He's got four on top and two on bottom. I feel like he's always teething, always chewing on something, and always in need of tylenol or teething tablets. Looking forward to this stage of life being over!

His favorite shows right now are Daniel Tiger and Curious George. He still loves Teletubbies but mom and dad needed a break from it for a little while :) He also LOVES watching videos of himself. Anytime he is crying or upset I just put on a video of him and he is immediately laughing and totally content. He watched videos while getting his blood drawn for the allergy testing, and didn't cry or wiggle at all! It was pretty amazing, honestly.

Overall Milo is just the happiest and easiest baby. I feel so lucky to have had him while I'm finishing up school. I don't think I could do it if he were a baby that screams and doesn't sleep and is super dependent on me all the time. He has made being a mom a breeze and I am just so blessed to have him. I seriously can't believe how much he's changed in just a year. He is just so so so wonderful. I can't say it enough.

Love you, Milo Benny. Happy One Year. :)

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