Thursday, July 3, 2014

a name & a blessing

On May 4, 2014 Andrew blessed our baby in Andrew's hometown: High Point, North Carolina. In the Mormon church we bring our babies before the church and give them an official name and also bless them with things we would like for them in their life; things like physical health, to be strong spiritually, to desire to learn and seek an education. It's a really special and spiritual experience for all involved. All of the men in our families (brothers, fathers, grandfathers, etc.) gathered in a circle and held our baby while Andrew gave him a name and a blessing.

We talked about the name Milo a long time ago. 2010, I believe. One of mine and Andrew's earliest conversations was about names that we liked. Andrew brought up Milo and at first I wasn't so sure; mostly because it wasn't a name I had heard much before. I knew it, but I didn't know anybody personally with that name. But the more I thought about it the more I liked it. 
We chose Benjamin for his middle name because 1| I love it and 2| it's my brother's name and I am quite fond of my brother. I hope Milo is as cool as him someday.
When we found out we were having a baby we had a couple boy names on the table. Milo was always there and was my first choice, but there were a couple other names we super liked as well. However, once the time came and we discovered we were having a boy we knew immediately that he was Milo. Andrew and I talked about it briefly and considered some of the other names on our list, but his name was Milo and we both knew it.

Andrew gave a truly beautiful blessing. One of my favorite parts of it was that he opened his blessing by thanking the Lord for blessing us with the ability to be parents and to have the opportunity to raise Milo. We are truly so grateful to be trusted with the life of this beautiful boy.

My mom made Milo's blessing romper and jacket (and hat). She made mine and my siblings blessing outfits when we were babies and she was so excited to make one for her first grandchild as well. What made it even more special was that she used leftover fabric from my wedding dress (which she also made) to make his outfit. I love it and he looked absolutely precious in it.

my dad and his very first grandchild (who looks an awful lot like him)
After the blessing we all went over to Andrew's mom's house for a partaaay. She (and Leah!!!) truly outdid herself with decorations and food. It was so lovely and such a wonderful time for our families to come together and celebrate the birth of Milo.

the classic dad photobomb

this is the only picture i got of the food table, but it was amazing!

Milo slept through his party like a champ. 
Overall it was such a wonderful day and made me so incredibly grateful for the family Andrew and I have been blessed with. It makes me so happy knowing Milo has a strong support system behind him, made up of people who love him and love us so dearly. I'm grateful for the gospel and for our Heavenly Father who has allowed us to raise such a sweet spirit. And lastly, I am grateful for Milo Benjamin and for the happiness he has brought into our lives. Even the days when he is cranky and spits up incessantly and fights nap time with everything he's got, he brings me so much joy and happiness and fulfillment in my life. He makes me want to do this baby thing over and over and over again. Andrew and I sure love that Milo Benny of ours.

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